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Tuesday, 20 August 2013 07:02

The Computer Department in The Kenya High School started in 1994. A private college called Endre Computer Services was invited to offer computer Training to students at a fee. The College provided the computers and trainers and each student was required to pay Kshs 2500/- for the lessons. These lessons were optional to those students who were willing to pay for them. The following packages were offered by then.

  • Introduction to computers
  • Elementary Lotus 123
  • Advanced Lotus 123
  • Elementary Word Perfect ver 5.1
  • Advanced word perfect Ver 5.1

Successful students were issued certification on completion of each package. This programme continued until 1997 when the parents decided that the training should be made available to all student in the school. The Kenya High School Being the school with it's own Standards, The parents Teachers Association decided that the school to start a structured computer training programme for the students with a school computer syllabus starting  from  Form I to Form IV. In order to achieve this, the PTA decided to Engage professionals in the IT field to assist in the development of the Four year syllabus and the setup of the computer lab. This led to the engagement of Netcom information Systems company Headed by Mr.Maina Gachangi in consultation with Dr. Waema of computer Department at the University of Nairobi .

Netcom information System company develop the syllabus and the assisted the school to procure the 32 computers for use both the students and the administration. The school's first computer lab was setup in January 1998 with 21 Philips Pentium I, 166mhz processor computers fully networked. The offices were also equipped with a server Compaq proliant 800 series and Pentium 1 computers for administrative functions. To implement this project successfully, the school decided to do inhouse computer training for five teachers and one technician to teacher student and maintain the computers. This training was carried out by Netcom information Systems company.


The objective of this project was to enable all the student to be computer literate when they graduate from The Kenya High School after the completion of the four course. Therefore the syllabus that was developed by the school covered  the following.

  • Introduction to computers
  • Computer Hardware
  • Computer Software
  • Application packages, Ms Word,Ms Access,Ms Powerpoint and Ms Excel.

Due to the constraints in school regular timetable, it was not possible to fit the computer training in the normal timetable and therefore the school was to create extra lesson in the evening outside the main time table.

In 2002 the school acquired additional 32 computer (Synco Pentium 4, 1.4Ghz processor). The second computer lab was setup and the school started two systems of computer trainings.

  1. Computer Literacy training
  2. Computer Studies which is an examinable subject by the Kenya National Examination council.

The literacy class was conducted to all students from Form 1 to Form 3 and the Examinable class was taken by those students who had chosen computer subject as part of the National examination examinable subject. The pioneer student to sit for the Kenya National Examination Council Computer Exam sat in 2004. In this year the Computer Class had 27 student. the computer lessons were also incorporated in the main timetable December 2005 the school acquired 60 additional computers, these were (Mecer Pentium 4, 3.2Ghz processor) and four laser printers. this enabled the school to open a Third computer lab with 36 computers. The inhouse training for the teacher continued to add skill to the teachers so that  they can effectively handle the student in computer training.

Not Enough

As the populatonof the school continued to Grow and the technology was more demanding, the school has been steadly growing in term of ICT. In 2008 the school acquire 8 more computers for the teachers to facilitate the preparation of the learning materials for the students. In 2010 the school constructed a Computer Centre with 4 computer Lab and one Language Room, this to create space for the student since initially the computer were classes converted into computers labs. In the same period because of the changing of the ICT systems and software, the old machine were becoming obsolete, the school had to update its  computers by purchasing 45 new computers to replace the obsolete computers of 1997 and 2002. In 2013 the school acquired another 120 computers, that is 60 desktops and 60 labtops for the students to enhance the learning in computer.



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Pioneer Activities and Persons


First open air Theatre in kenya

oenone theatre - The kenya high school

First African girl to be admitted to the Kenya High School

Anne Mithamo (1961)

First African teacher at the Kenya High School

Miss Pamela Ogot (1st May 1965)

First African Principal

Mrs. Rose Kariuki (1/1/1977 -21/7/1977)

First Parents Teachers' Association

PTA - The Kenya High School - Registered in 1979

First Lady Chairperson of the BOG

DR. Eddah Gachukia (1984 - 1988)