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Monday, 26 July 2010 14:44


Joy is the song of my heart
When at dawn I walk out of my hut
In a bid to drive away pain and hurt
That with us abound.
Forever my motto will be
To serve is to reign

It began long ago
With many who refused to forego
The lessons that lead to salvation
Of not only our nation
But the entire universe.

The likes of Njoki Ndungu,
Gripped not by trepidation
Propelled by determination
To bring to realization
The fruits of the phrase:
To serve is to reign

Today we stand in pride
As we cannot hide
That “Those who learnt here,”
“Grace and wisdom”
“Share their gifts now far and wide.”
Service is the wheel on which we ride.

To serve is to reign!
To serve is to reign!

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First African girl to be admitted to the Kenya High School

Anne Mithamo (1961)

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Miss Pamela Ogot (1st May 1965)

First African Principal

Mrs. Rose Kariuki (1/1/1977 -21/7/1977)

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PTA - The Kenya High School - Registered in 1979

First Lady Chairperson of the BOG

DR. Eddah Gachukia (1984 - 1988)